Data Center

Data centers are at the heart of the business and their central role shapes the technology today. In this framework, changing IT trends also leads to data centers changes. Nowadays, a data center can be defined as everywhere the data exists. This paradigm shift requires server and storage systems to be shaped by software defined solutions. Ensure that your data center users have the best experience in this ever-evolving IT world.

Capture the change and transformation

Take advantage of server technologies oriented to new workload and business practices with the wide range of server diversity

Secure your data

Prevent data loss with data backup and recovery solutions

Target storage solutions in line with your data

Focus on results by creating cost effective solutions responding to your data type and performance needs.

Increase your business continuity and efficiency

Provide uninterrupted access to your users with the well-designed data centers

Our Data Center Expertise

  • Server
  • Storage
  • Hyper-Converged Solutions
  • Back-up and Recovery Solutions
  • Data Centre Design and Installation

Our Business Partners

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We can meet the x86 based server solutions required by the Data Centers with a wide range of products.

Considering your performance and capacity needs, we can design all types of storage system solutions (SAN/NAS/HCI/SDS) within the framework of traditional or up-to-date technologies and provide related support.

We accelerate the installation, increase the performance and facilitate the management by bringing together optimum data processing, storage and network analysis with certified designs. Moreover, we can provide comprehensive solutions combining our experience in Data Centre infrastructure and SDX experience in superstructure.

We complement the hardware we use in backup solutions with the software we provide for fast integration.

In Data Centers, air-conditioning, fire protection measures, electric infrastructure, cabling, security and monitoring are the main factors to consider. We provide analysis, supplying, installation and management of your corporate needs with our expert team and professional approach.

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