Sekom L1

  • Initial level for meeting customer demands
  • Problem related information generation
  • Application of basic problem eliminatinon procedures
    • – Physical Connection Checks
    • – Password Problems
    • – Basic S/W Install/uninstall
    • – Checking the necessary S/W and H/W installations
  • Escalation to L2 when necessary

Sekom L2

  • Controls the work performed by L1
  • Application of additional diagnostics/ installations/ updates/ replacements.
  • Remote and onsite intervention
  • Providing baby sitting services if needed
  • Organization of planned maintenance services
  • Escalation to L3 when necessary

Sekom L3

  • Top level of the tech support service model
  • Provide solutions to most challenging and advanced problems.
  • Technical evaluation of customer infrastructure, interpreting gathered information and keep the customer informed accordingly
  • Defining the action plans to be taken in case of a failure or problem
  • Takes preventive actions and delivers proactive recommendations

– Our experience and expertise defined three tiered system, supports our customer’s end-to-end service requirements. We use effective escalation usage to add agility and efficiency to our service presentation.


– Our flexible service offerings respond to short, mid and long term requirements which require compliance with various Service Agreements.


– Experience with scalable and critical IT Infrastructure installations and maintenance.

– Dedicated Professional Services Sales Team

– Experienced Service Engineers and Technicians

– Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Managed Networking Services

Take advantage of our flexible service offerings: we provide end-to-end system delivery coupled with extended portfolio of maintenance services.

Sekom’s award winning portfolio of Services include; Site Survey/Installation, Maintenance & Technical Support, Turn-Key Project Implementation, Project Management and Operations Services. Our Maintenance and Support Services range from periodic maintenance, fault resolution/trouble-shooting and spares handling services to fully comply with SLA service contracts.

Project Management Services

We deploy end-to-end network-centric infrastructure projects with our award-winning service excellence.

We implement projects on a turn-key basis by dedicating a team of professionals ensuring timely completion of the project as per contractual obligations.

We ensure following milestones are achieved through Sekom Project Management Services;

• Cost-effective project implementation
• Resolution of project risks well before they materialize
• Establishment of effective communications with the client
• Quality increase in project delivery and hand-over

Managed Service Desk

With our ITIL based support system we keep track of service requests for our contracted customers.

Through a web interface, we not only provide direct access to our support system but also facilitate integration of 3rd party support & management systems with our ITIL based support system.

Hybrid IT Services