Broadcasting and Cable TV

The video media broadcasting in the traditional concept is changing considerably. Video broadcasting is one of the first sectors affected from digital transformation and it is becoming a field where traditional TV and media companies compete with companies that provide streaming services. While streaming services companies focus on production of their own content, TV and media companies are investing on their own streaming services. The demand by consumers to watch the videos they want, when they want and from any device they want transforms traditional TV and media companies to digital content providers with strong IT infrastructure.

Increase productivity and growth

Increase service use and your income by decreasing error probability with APIs and self-service portals

Any time, Anywhere, Any Device

Transform standardized video services to multiscreen experience.

Cut your costs down

Decrease live connection expenses with new technologies that IP brings along

Boost your performance

Boost your performance thanks to fast video transfer

Our Broadcasting and Cable TV Expertise

  • Cable TV
    • Head End
    • Cable Modem Termination System
    • Hybrid Fiber Coaxial
  • Broadcast TV
  • Media Transport Networking
  • Web TV, IP TV, Mobil TV
  • STB, Cable Modem

Our Business Partners

Substantial Projects and Satisfied Customers


Sekom has deep information and experience in fields of IP and video and it combines this know how with video solutions that it presents to Service Providers. With this experience, Sekom implemented the most remarkable head-end projects in Turkey.

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